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SFP+ Copper Twinax Cables

SFP+ Copper Twinax Cables


SFP+ passive copper Twinax cables are 10Gbps cable assemblies. The cables are compliant with SFF-8431 specifications and provide connectivity between devices using SFP+ ports. They are also available in active designs. Evensphere Twinax passive SFP+ copper cable assemblies provide robust connections and require no power from the connector versus Twinax active SFP+ copper cable assemblies are a thinner alternative to the passive cables, and are available in longer lengths.

Standard SFP mechanical designs
Integrated copper SFP+ cable assemblies 
Optional length & data rate available


1 ~ 8G Fiber Channel and 1 ~ 10G Gigabit Ethernet
Networking, Storage, Telecommunications
Hub / Switches / Routers / Servers / Network Interface Card (NICs) / 
Storage Area Networks (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS)
10Gigabit Ethernet
Data center cabling infrastructure


Model No. Data RateMediaLengthOperating Temp.Type
ESSFP+ P Cable 8 ~ 10Gbps Copper 0.5m ~ 7m 0 ~ 70 Passive
ESSFP+ A Cable 8 ~ 10Gbps Copper 0.5m ~ 7m 0 ~ 70 Active
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