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Protective Caps

Protective CapsProtective CapsProtective CapsProtective CapsProtective Caps


Evensphere's protective caps protect your plugs and receptacles against dust, water, moisture, EMI and contact bending. They provide protection against live circuits and environmental contaminants when a connector is not in use. The use of a soft, rubber polymer creates a watertight seal.


Waterproof RJ45, USB, circular industrial, M12, M8


Model No. Connector to useIP RatingOperating Temp
ESPC-01 Waterproof RJ45 IP68 -25C to 85C
ESPC-02 Waterproof USB IP68 -25C to 85C
ESPC-03C Circular Industrial IP68 -25C to 85C
ESPC-04 M12 sensor IP68 -25C to 85C
ESPC-05 M8 sensor IP68 -25C to 85C
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