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CXP Cable Assemblies



Evensphere CXP Cable Assemblies are ideally designed for datacenter reaches up to 15m for Infiniband 12 x 10G bps, 100G Ethernet, and other datacom and high-performance computing applications. CXP enables a front panel density that is 9× greater than that of an SFP+ running at 10 Gbps. CXP is a potential replacement for SNAP-12.

Standard CXP mechanical designs
Integrated copper CXP cable assemblies
Optional length & data rate available


SAN / NAS / Data center / Switch and router


Model No. Data RateMediaLengthOperating Temp.Type
ESCXP P Cable 120Gbps Copper 0.5m ~ 7m 0 ~ 70 Passive
ESCXP A Cable 120Gbps Copper 10m ~ 15m 0 ~ 70 Active
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