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SFP Cage & Connector


Evensphere designs rugged metal SFP cages with SFP connectors including single-port and multi-port (ganged and stacked) systems. Ganged designs offer increased card-edge density over multiple single port SFP cages. All of Evensphere's SFP cages used in conjunction with SFP 20 pin SMT connectors which follow the Small Form-factor Pluggable MSA standard. With option of integrated light pipe assemblies, EMI containment tab and gasket, and thermal solution, our SFP cage and connectors allow users to reduce manufacturing time and cost.
Evensphere's Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP+) cages and connectors are designed for high-density port applications. Because it can replace up to 4 standard SFP+ systems, the greater port density saves overall system cost.